Gili KondoGILI KONDO is one of 33 small islands (gili) in eastern part of Lombok Island. From those many islands, there are only 3 islands serve as the best tourist destination. These ones called “Three Islands” or Tiga Pulau, i.e. Petagan, Bidara and Gili Kondo, located in the subdistrict Sambelia. This name convention was used in order be easier to remember by people.

The climate in these "Three Islands" are drier and hotter than mainland Lombok, but in the evening can be cool and refreshing. The rainy season is starting from the month of November to April.

Welcome to Gili KondoThe three islands, of course can be as challenging, beautiful and comfortable area to enjoy the panoramic view with many kind of birds, its white sand beaches that lie, including superb coral reefs.

Most foreign tourists who visited the three islands, making it as a transit point before continuing the journey to the East Island, East Nusa Tenggara or Bali.

In the future they will be expected become excellent tourism destination to be developed, as well as other tourist attractions are also fascinating.

The only travel agents who operated here often bring foreign tourists to the Kondo island is ‘Perama Taur and Travel’ that has a commitment to develop tourism in east of Lombok. You can find their agency office right near the beach of Gili Kondo as well.

Every few times a week, Perama Taur and Travel bring guests to the island to enjoy a fire pit or nice barbeque. There is also a place to stay that can be used but unfortunately you have to be booked from the Perama office in Mataram, and can not be done on the spot.

Crytal Clear Sea Waterplanting mangrove trees

Gili Condo has a beautiful under water view which is not inferior to Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.. If you want to snorkel in this area you will find different types of colorful fishes and spectacular coral reefs.

This tiny island can be reached via a wooden motor boat from the Sea Port of Kayangan at the east coast of Lombok Island, which took about an hour. While the mileage of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province to Port of Kayangan more than 100 kilometers, or about two hours travel by car.

Sun Rise at Gili Kondoa fisherman is catching fishes at gili kondo beach

Sun rise at Gili Kondo and a picture of a fisherman is catching fishes.

Perama tours and travelsgili kondo accommodation

PLACE TO STAY: Perama Tours and Travels- above is kind of accommodation you could expected at Gili Kondo Island Lombok.

UNIQUENESS: One thing of commonly found while visiting to Gili Kondo is the view of typical fisherman houses such as pictures bellow.

Fisherman houses at near by Gili Kondo Typical home of population near Gili Kondo Lombok

GETAWAYS: Others island vacation destinations are Gili Nanggu, Gili Sunut, Gili Kondo, Gili Bagek, Gili Sulat and Gili Lawang.